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Make your space your own. With offices starting from 3 people, we can support your growth to 20 people. We provide everything you need, Brand and style your space as you see fit.

  • Private office spaces in Chennai

  • Private office spaces in Chennai are dedicated spaces that provide individuals or businesses with their own enclosed office area for exclusive use. These spaces offer privacy, security, and the ability to customize the office according to specific requirements. Private offices are suitable for businesses that value privacy, confidentiality, and a quiet working environment. Here are some key aspects to consider when looking for private office spaces in Chennai:

    1 to 5 seats Monthly Rental - 7500/desk

    6 to 10 seats Monthly Rental - 7250/ desk

    Above 11 Seats Monthly Rental - 7000/desk

    Private office spaces in OMR thoraipakkam: Determine the preferred area or neighborhood in Chennai where you would like your office to be situated. Consider factors such as proximity to clients, transportation links, amenities, and the overall business environment.

    Private office spaces in Chennai Office Size and Configuration: Assess your space requirements based on the size of your team and the nature of your business operations. Private office spaces can range from small individual offices to larger office suites. Consider factors like the number of workstations, meeting rooms, storage areas, and common spaces you require.

    Private office spaces in Chennai Facilities and Amenities: Evaluate the facilities and amenities offered by different private office providers in Chennai. Look for features such as high-speed internet, air conditioning, 24/7 access, security systems, reception services, parking facilities, and access to common areas like lounges and kitchens.

    Customization Options: Consider whether the private office space allows for customization or branding opportunities. Some providers may offer the flexibility to personalize the office layout, design, and furniture to align with your company's image and culture.

    Lease Terms and Pricing: Review the lease terms, pricing structure, and payment options for private office spaces. Consider factors such as the duration of the lease, flexibility for expansion or downsizing, and any additional costs such as utilities, maintenance, or service charges.

    Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Assess whether the private office space provides networking or community-building opportunities. Some providers organize networking events, workshops, or social activities that allow you to connect with other businesses and professionals in the space.

    To find private office spaces in Chennai, you can explore the following options:

    Online Listings: Utilize online platforms and listings websites like property portals, coworking aggregators, or real estate websites to search for private office spaces in Chennai. These platforms provide detailed information about available spaces, including location, size, amenities, and contact details.

    Real Estate Agents: Engage with local real estate agents or property consultants who specialize in commercial properties. They can help you identify private office spaces that meet your requirements and guide you through the leasing process.

    Networking and Referrals: Tap into your professional network, business associations, or local entrepreneur communities in Chennai. Seek recommendations from peers or colleagues who have previously leased private office spaces in the city.


    Services include receiving, sorting, storing, and in some cases, direct delivery of mail to members’ offices.

    Access our meeting rooms, all kitted out with screens and video conference equipment.

    With years of operational expertise and service-focused backgrounds, our Community team is here to provide everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

    Change your view by taking advantage of our plentiful of casual workspaces, or even work in the Living-room-style work spaces that are designed for creativity, comfort, and productivity.

    PHONE BOOTHS Phone booths give you a quiet space to make private phone calls, participate in short video calls, or just take a quick break without distraction.

    CLEANING SERVICES We clean and disinfect our spaces by following our cleaning schedules and practices, to protect the wellbeing of our members and employees.


    • Secure Wi-Fi or wired connections and IT support.
    • Business class printers.
    • Each floor has its own space stocked with a business class printer, office supplies, and paper shredder.


    Access to our fully featured member kitchen with access to Biscuits, premium teas, and range of Coffee drinks.